Action Plan 2023


In 2015, our Vestry held a special meeting to determine Saint Martin’s needs and priorities.  In that meeting, four areas of need for focus were identified as Stewardship, Congregational Development, Parish Life and Outreach.  Each member of Vestry aligned with one of the focus areas to form a team with the objective of identifying short-term goals and actions to achieve those goals. As you can imagine, Father John has been an active participant in the planning process of each focus area.

Below is additional detail on each of the focus areas and the Vestry members that constituted the planning team, along with a link to each detailed action plan.

  • Stewardship broadly including time, talent and treasure.  Team members include: John Meade and Bob Case.
  • Congregational Development primarily involves engaging existing parishioners, reconnecting with prior or inactive parishioners and identifying new parishioners.   (Congregational Development Plan)
  • Parish Life is charged with building community and creating fellowship within Saint Martin’s.  Team members include: Corrine Castrini, Terry Simko,  Pam Pray and Kate Carmigiano  (Parish Life Plan)
  • Outreach is responsible for identifying and staffing current outreach programs and determining other potential outreach activities.  Team members include:  Karen Gerken, Kris Gillespie, Beth Young, Nancy Horn, Cheryl Gray and Victoria Ware. (Outreach Committee Action Plan)

If you would like more information or to become involved with one or more of the focus areas, please contact a Vestry member or Father John.

Kris Gillespie, Saint Martin’s Vestry

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  1. Marilyn Tomiello says:

    Please add my nam to Parrish Life. Thanks. Marilyn Tomiello


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