Congregational Development

images-3Congregational development is church growth, a goal of our leadership and people. We believe communities of faith have a responsibility to grow, to increase their resources, to deepen their organization and to broaden their reach into the world. Growth is part of the spiritual DNA of authentic ministries.

In an effort to achieve this goal, the Vestry has set benchmarks for growth. One includes adding six new families by year’s end. In recent months we have seen an increase in membership. About a dozen new communicants have chosen to call Saint Martin’s their church home. Some have been transfers from other Episcopal communities, especially folks relocating to the Chagrin Falls area. Others are new to the Episcopal Church.

We encourage all our members to contribute to the growth of our community. Ways of doing this include: inviting others to join us in worship and service, adopting a welcoming and hospitable attitude to newcomers and visitors, and praying for God’s blessing on our efforts to increase our ministries and resources.