Unknown-5God gives without measure

The abiding theme of our Stewardship Ministry is the grace and generosity of God and our gifted response to that truth. At the heart of the Gospel and at the foundation of our sacraments is the experience of God’s free gift and mercy to us, a perception that evokes our gratitude and thanksgiving. The Eucharist we celebrate each week is an offering of thanks and appreciation for the many blessings of God bestowed on us in this life and in the life of eternity. In a sense, every prayer prayed and every sermon preached, each lesson learned and each divine encounter experienced, cuts to the core of stewardship. If our giving is not a giving in joy and gratitude then it has missed the spirit of the Gospel. If our joy and gratitude does not result in the desire to give then it is not born of God.

In October and November each year we explore these facets of our belief in our liturgy and teaching and preaching. Our Wardens and Vestry and clergy share with us their experiences of grace.

We give thanks for all the blessings of this life and collect time-talent-treasure pledges. Please consider prayerfully how you might express more deeply and more widely gratitude to God for our parish and our mutual ministry. We are most like God when we are generous without measure.