Learning in Lent, Wednesday Series now thru April 10


mandala-smA five-week teaching-learning series is being offered in Lent 2019 (March 13-April 10). The title and focus of our five sessions is From Cradle to Cross: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth and its Meaning for Our Faith. We meet on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:15 pm for a light dinner in the Burroughs Room, then convene for a session of Christian Formation.

From Cradle to Cross: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth and its Meaning for Our Faith

The teacher and facilitator of our five week Lenten Series 2019 is The Reverend Dr. John A. Cerrato, rector of Saint Martin’s Church. Our study and conversation will focus on the life of Jesus of Nazareth, both as a historical figure and as a fulcrum of faith. Using the gospel accounts and supplementary material from the ancient church, we will attempt to provide for ourselves a context for understanding Jesus’ message, mission and ministry in first century Roman Palestine. We will look at what can be known about him through critical history, as well as what the first Christians believed about him as the source of their faith and the founder of a messianic movement. Included will be explorations of the Israelite background, the Roman foreground and the early Christian belief about the future of the Lord, the coming kingdom.

  • March 13 Introduction: Encountering the Christ of the Gospels. Focus on facts and faith, understanding the differences in the interests of historians, theologians and spiritual seekers.
  • March 20 The Faith of Israel: Where a Messiah is Expected. The witness of the torah to the coming anointed one, especially the prophets of ancient Israel.
  • March 27 The Roman Reach into Palestine: Power Politics and the Life of Jesus. The history of outside domination over Israel, including the empires of Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome.
  • April 3 Three Years of Kingdom Wonders: The Public Ministry of the Nazarene. The sequence of episodes and events leading to the cross and its aftermath.
  • April 10 Christ in the Church: How We Know and Serve Christ Today. The Church Calendar as an expression of the life of Jesus, the sacraments as Christ centered practices, liturgy and music in worship and service.

For more information, see John Cerrato. For information about contributions to dinner and program support, see Karen Swan.