Edward_Burne-Jones_-_An_Angel_Playing_a_FlageoletSing to the Lord

The music ministry of Saint Martin’s Church serves as the musical heart of Sunday worship. The Chancel Choir sings most frequently at the 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist from September to May. The ministry also incorporates instrumentalists who play flute, brass, harp, violin and other instruments.

Special offerings of choral music are made in the seasons of Advent and Christmas, as well as on Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and at Easter. Choral presentations often include solos, duets and trios. The repertoire is classical and classical-contemporary with an emphasis on supporting the congregational singing from the Episcopal Hymnal 1982.


Saint Martin’s Camerata

Camerata, our instrumental chamber ensemble, plays for worship, performing mostly music from the Baroque and Classical periods. Members include: Karen Gerken, flute; Carolyn Downie, violin; Elaine Brophy, clarinet; Phyllis Marino, flute; Don Daley, viola; and Amanda Meitz and Linda Gilbert, trumpets.

Grand Instruments

Saint Martin’s is blessed to own fine musical instruments. Two of the most prominent are the organ and grand piano.

IMG_1187Jere Brophy wrote this about the organ:

“The Saint Martin’s-Miles Park pipe organ was originally designed by Walter Holtkamp, Sr. and built by the Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling Organ Company in 1934. It was given to Saint Martin’s by Miles Park Presbyterian Church and moved, refurbished, modernized and installed by The Holtkamp Organ Company of Cleveland in 2001. It retains the electro-pneumatic action and most of the original 1200 pipes in 26 ranks with 21 stops. During the renovation two new ranks were added. It now has 1551 pipes in 28 ranks with 23 stops, and continues to be consistent with the baroques organ design principles and sound advocated by its original builder.  The addition of the Zymbalstern is a delight to all.”  For more information on the organ click on:

IMG_1184Pat Bryant of the Chancel Choir wrote this about the memorial gift of the piano:

“The Yamaha baby grand piano was given by the Marshall family after John’s death in 1987. Mary died in March 2014 at the age of 98. Their only child Thomas is still a member of Saint Martin’s. The Marshalls were founding members of the church. Anyone lucky enough to know the Marshalls knew them as very loving, generous, sharing, funny, quirky and any other loving adjective you would use for a beloved family.”