Read Along Evening Prayer

Here on this page is a video of Evening Prayer, read by our priest. We welcome you to use it and to share it with others who may wish to worship at home.

In The Book of Common Prayer pages 115-126 is Evening Prayer. The following video is our priest The Reverend John Cerrato reading the service in a way that you can easily follow and read along in those places marked for participation. If you do not have a prayer book, then here are three options:

  • You can use a PDF (downloadable) by clicking  Evening Prayer 2.pages
  • You can find this service online by clicking  Then, in the sidebar of the homepage, click on Daily Offices (fourth from the top of the list), then click on Daily Evening Prayer Rite 2 (main white page).
  • You can also order a copy of The Book of Common Prayer (1979) from and many other online booksellers.

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