Who’s Who for You

3072402_origFor community-building purposes and as information for newcomers, we provide here the names of the clergy, staff and parishioners who share in the labor of love that is Saint Martin’s.


  • John Cerrato, Rector
  • Gary McElroy, Supply Clergy and Supply Pastoral Care

Parish Staff

  • Michele Baskette, Executive Assistant to the Rector
  • Tim Cochran, Choir Director
  • Kent Cicerchi, Organist

The Vestry Members of Saint Martin’s Parish Church


  • Jeremy Clark, Senior Warden
  • Amanda Meitz, Junior Warden

Class of 2021

  • Daniel Carter, Esq. (Congregational Development, Connecting Communities)
  • Corrine Castrini (Parish Life)
  • Cyril KanagaRaj (Stewardship)
  • Mary Prince (Property)

Class of 2022

  • Amanda Meitz, Junior Warden (Property, Connecting Communities)
  • Marilyn Tomiello (Parish Life)
  • Jean Schmiege (Parish Life)

Class of 2023

  • Todd Palmer, Esq. (Connecting Communities)

Clerk of the Vestry is Richard Stanley, Esq. (Connecting Communities)

Executive Committee of the Vestry 2020

  • Clint Cassese, Treasurer
  • John Cerrato, Rector
  • Jeremy Clark, Senior Warden
  • Kris Gillespie, Former Warden
  • Amanda Meitz, Junior Warden

Connecting Communities Initiative, Diocese of Ohio

  • John Cerrato, Rector
  • Dan Carter, Esq.
  • Janice Degner, DOK
  • Amanda Meitz, Junior Warden
  • Todd Palmer, Esq.
  • Richard Stanley, Esq.
  • Karen Swan, DOK

The Property Committee of Saint Martin’s Vestry

  • Don Bird
  • Andy Botzman
  • Bob Case
  • Karen Gerken
  • Bruce Kovall
  • John Meade


  • Karen Gerken
  • Kris Gillespie
  • Cheryl Gray
  • Nancy Horn
  • Beth Young Petrequin
  • Victoria Ware

Parish Life

  • Jane Albert
  • Linda Bird
  • Kate Carmigiano
  • Corrine Castrini
  • Pam Pray
  • Jean Schmiege
  • Terry Simko
  • Donna Sullivan Kidd
  • Marilyn Tomiello
  • Judy Vernon


  • Bob Case
  • John Meade
  • Tim Schaaf

Columbarium Committee

  • Clergy ex officio
  • Linda Bird
  • Wardens ex officio

Our Lay Ministers with Special Responsibilities

  • Cheryl Gray, Parish Nurse
  • Alfred KanagaRaj, Administrative Assistant (Service Leaflets)
  • Karen Swan, Pastoral Care and The Daughters of the King
  • Judy Tremain, Coordinator of the Altar Guild
  • Jean Schmiege, Women’s ChristCare Journeying Group
  • John Meade, Wednesday Men’s Group

Church School and Youth

  • Katie Clark (Coordinator)
  • Merry Petroski (Special Events)
  • Victoria and Rob Ware (Christmas Pageant)

The Altar Guild of Saint Martin’s Church

  • Lynn Buck
  • Ginny Fisher
  • Karen Gerken
  • Cheryl Gray
  • Joan and Mike Henck
  • Nancy McKinley
  • Linda Mellen
  • Carol Munz
  • Jean Schmiege
  • Paula Stepnick
  • Judy Tremain, Coordinator

Vestry Bios

Dan Carter

Dan Carter attended Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. He holds a Juris Doctorate from Villanova University School of Law and has practiced law in Pennsylvania and Ohio for over forty years, also serving as a law instructor in Delaware Law School, Widener University. He has published in his field and been invited to speaking engagements with NPR and the Federalist Society. Until 2013 he was a partner in the firm of Buckley King, Cleveland, as formerly in Timby Brown & Timby, Philadelphia. In 2014 he established the Law Office of Daniel P. Carter, LLC. Dan and Regina have been married for 31 years and have three adult children: Emily, Danny and Annie, out of college, and Lizzie, who is a junior at Orange High School. They have been at Saint Martin’s for more than ten years. Dan previously served two consecutive terms on the Saint Martin’s vestry and was a vestry member in Christ Church, Villanova, Pennsylvania. By way of civic involvements, Dan has served as a board member of Benedictine High School 2006-2013 and has served as chair 2011-2013. He is an admissions officer for West Point.

Clint Cassese

Treasurer Clint Cassese received his Bachelor of Science in business administration from Bowling Green State University. For the past fourteen years, he has been the Chief Financial Officer of OMCO Holdings in Wickliffe. Prior to that, he held financial management positions in various manufacturing companies. Clint passed the CPA exam in 1981. Clint met Shelley while living in New Orleans. They married there and relocated to Ohio shortly thereafter. They have two children, Michael and Katherine. Both children are acolytes for the church and Shelley teaches Sunday School and has been active with VBS in the past. Clint and his family have been members of Saint Martin’s since 2003. Prior to that they attended Christ Church, Aurora, and before that they attended Trinity Episcopal Church, Troy, Ohio. Clint enjoys being involved with his children’s school sporting activities. He also enjoys history, travel and politics. He is looking forward to serving his church community through working with the vestry.

Corrine Castrini was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. During her youth she considered becoming a nun, but her interest in that vocation waned after meeting Paul, her childhood sweetheart. They were married in Sacred Heart Church, Medford, Massachusetts, in 1978. In the mid 1990s they were received into the Episcopal Church because it was “a better fit,” and so their daughters, Gina and Marisa, could be confirmed in an open and affirming church. A longstanding member of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Reading, Massachusetts, Corrine served as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, lector and vestry member.” Lifelong Massachusetts residents, both she and husband Paul came from large extended families, who shaped their core values. Corrine studied art history at Salem State University. She was a long time municipal employee in a small suburban town and wore many hats, including library work, Veterans Services and tax collecting, but spent most of her time helping residents with land use issues like zoning and wetland conservation. She left government employ to work as an office manager in the private sector, but missed working with residents, so after five years she returned to municipal duties.” After retiring, Corrine and Paul relocated to Ohio to spend more time with their grandchildren, Corrina and Jack, who can often be seen after Sunday School attempting to sit quietly in the pew. Corrine has since been blessed with twin granddaughters in Massachusetts. Shortly after moving to Solon, they joined Saint Martin’s where Corrine currently serves as a chalicist and participates in Parish Life and the Ladies Book Club. She enjoys visits to Boston to spend time with family, as well as reading, quilting and watercolor classes. She is very happy to be part of the welcoming and caring faith community at Saint Martin’s and draws strength from her faith.

Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and has worked in the insurance and financial services industry for twenty years, with the majority of the time focused on helping companies manage their 401(k) plans. He is married to Katie and they have two children: Katherine (17) and Tyler (16).  Jeremy was raised in a Southern Baptist Church in Southern Virginia and came into the Episcopal Church when Katie and he were married at Saint Paul’s, Cleveland Heights. The Clarks started coming to Saint Martin’s around 2000, after moving to Chagrin Falls. They previously attended Saint Paul’s and Saint Christopher’s, Gates Mills. Jeremy has served on a handful of committees, but primarily as a reader and chalicist. Jeremy writes, “I look forward to serving on vestry and giving back to the church via time and talent. This was prompted after I informed John Mead of my interest to help him with the oversight of the church property.” The Clarks are a very active family and huge sports fans. There are not many sports Jeremy has not tried or does not like watching. He currently enjoys running, sailing, tennis, golf, Frisbee golf, softball, snow skiing, and water skiing.

Kris Gillespie

Kristina O. Gillespie was raised in the Episcopal Church in Erie, Pennsylvania, where her family attended the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul. Kris studied as an undergraduate in Wittenberg University, where she took a B.A. in Business Administration in 1980, with a minor in East Asian Studies. She worked for BP Oil from 1980-1999 in a wide variety of line and staff positions, including trading, marketing, distribution, procurement, human resources and public affairs. Scott and Kris were married in Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cleveland Heights, in 1998. They moved to Bentleyville and began attending Saint Martin’s in 1999. Kris served on the vestry of Saint Martin’s from 2002-2006. She co-chaired our Vacation Bible School for four years (2003-2006) when the program topped 120 kids and counselors. She was a Sunday School teacher from 2002-2012. Scott and Kris also co-founded Travel Analytics in 1999, which they sold in 2006. She describes herself as “happily ‘retired’ since then.” Scott provides consultancy and analytical services in the corporate travel space. Kris volunteers for the Chagrin Falls School District in many capacities, including PTO, as a trustee for the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, on the management team for two school district strategic plans, and as co-chair of community outreach on two school tax levies. She also served as Secretary for Galen Foundation, a non-profit resource for those affected by cancer, from 2008-2011. With her daughter Leah she has volunteered at Rescue Village since 2011 working with cats. Leah is a senior at Chagrin Falls High School and well known at church as an acolyte and lector. Leah was baptized in Saint Martin’s in 1999. Kris writes: “I am happy to be offered the opportunity to serve on Saint Martin’s vestry again. I am still on my faith journey.” She is open to working in areas where her strengths might be most effective. In addition to the many community contributions Kris has made and continues to make, she also aspires someday to be a ski hostess at a ski resort in the west, perhaps Solitude.

1069322_10152033201573098_759582853_nCyril KanagaRaj was an active parishioner of Saint Martin’s from childhood, since in the 1980s and 90s his father was organist and choirmaster of the parish. In 2016 he and Meghan Rahrig were married in Saint Martin’s and in July 2017 their daughter Leela was baptized here. Cyril is a Financial Advisor at Key Investment Services and has assisted the parish in the past with its audit process. Meghan is an educator and continues to work as a teacher. Cyril spent some years as a golf pro in the greater Cleveland area at The Tanglewood Club, Chagrin Falls, and Barrington Golf Club, Aurora, also including a stint in West Palm Beach, Florida, before embarking upon a career in the investment world. He earned a degree from Cleveland State University in business administration and accounting. The KanagaRaj family makes its home in University Heights.

Mary C. Prince’s native roots are in Ohio and she has lived in South Carolina, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Upon returning to Ohio in 1987, her daughter Katie and she have called Twinsburg their home for the last 30 years. Her husband, Mark Hoageson (Catholic} joined them in 2000 and they feel blessed to be a family. Career life has consisted of the banking world on and off since 1985: mortgage banking, commercial lending, always with an emphasis on computing. Mary studied at CCC and Kent State and graduated with a degree in Computer Studies. She has been employed by PNC Bank for the last six years, working in their Technology division. Prior to joining Saint Martin’s, three years this coming May, Mary was a member of Saint Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Macedonia, Ohio. Saint Tim’s was the first Episcopal Church she joined, after being an active Roman Catholic for 45 years. Albert, Saint Timothy’s rector, and Gay Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, were both very instrumental in her Episcopal Church journey. It was during this time that she served two times on vestry, once as junior warden. She was active in altar guild for almost the entire ten years that she was a member of Saint Tim’s, and also served as co-chair. She attended the 2009 General Convention, Anaheim, California, as a delegate for ECW. One of the reasons she was drawn to Saint Martin’s was that it was one of the only Episcopal Churches that offered a Saturday service. She also understands that with time change does occur — the drive is closer. The Prince family found a new way to relax last summer. They enjoy the serenity of nature and what better way to encounter it? Yes, camping! Even their grown daughter Kate enjoyed the quaint living arrangements and the aroma of the campfire. Mary writes: “My intention as a member of Saint Martin’s vestry is to continue the work of the existing and outgoing members, with conservative and mindful decisions. I appreciate the opportunity to serve Saint Martin’s as a member of the vestry.”

Jean Schmiege

Jean Schmiege was raised in southwest Michigan in a small town and farming community. Her grandparents and family were active in the United Methodist Church where she was a member and she and Bill were married thirty-seven years ago. After nursing school, Jean and Bill moved to Houghton, Michigan, where she worked at the local hospital while Bill finished his engineering degree. Following Bill’s graduation, the Schmieges lived in the Detroit area for six years, then settled in Scotts, Michigan, near Kalamazoo, where they raised their four children Christopher, Rachele, Elizabeth and Diane. The Schmiege family attended Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church where Jean helped to develop the vacation bible school program, taught Sunday School, and worked on their annual Christmas Craft Bazaar. In 2007 Bill and Jean moved to San Clemente, California, and found a church home at Saint Clements by-the-Sea Episcopal Church. They were very active in social groups. Jean served on the altar guild for four and a half years and enjoyed learning about the traditions and sacraments of the church. When they moved to Chagrin Falls in 2012 they searched for a new church home and found Saint Martin’s. Jean joined the altar guild soon after they started attending. Bill and Jean have enjoyed the Saint Martin’s Foyer Groups and various church activities, including providing refreshments at coffee hour. Through her adult life Jean has had many interesting jobs: coordinator of the Schmiege family, ICU & CCU nurse, greenhouse worker and township voting representative. Jean is an accomplished artist and has been working in the field for nearly thirty years. Her paintings were exhibited locally at Hamlet last summer (2015). Bill and Jean enjoy traveling and visiting with their three grandchildren. She continues to paint and take as many art seminars as she can fit into their busy life. She is looking forward to serving on the Saint Martin’s vestry.


Our Junior Warden Amanda Meitz is an alum of Adrian College (BA Biology, Music minor) and Michigan State University (MS Microbiology). She is the owner and CFO of Biosolutions, LLC, a water testing laboratory (17 years), as well as the owner and CFO of JJM Endeavors, LLC, the building which houses Biosolutions and four other businesses. Her professional leadership has included the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, a national professional society, in which she has chaired two national technical committees and contributed to a revision of the Position Paper and Statement on Legionellosis, serving on the Research Committee, Standards Committee, Finance Committee, and the Committee to write the Guideline to Minimize the Risk of Legionellosis. She has been inducted as an ASHRAE Fellow on the nomination of the Cleveland ASHRAE Chapter (21 years). She has also published numerous articles in scientific and industrial journals. As a Chagrin Falls homeowner and especially as a business owner, she has managed many property issues, including a number of highly technical challenges and needs. In the life of the church she has served as a recording secretary, a chorister, a trumpeter, a Super Sale committee member, the organizer of the Open House and Concert after the Saint Martin’s fire, a supporter of the International Order of the Daughters of the King, a collection counter, a finance committee member, a diocesan auditor of church finances, and a church treasurer. She has also served as treasurer for the Cleveland Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota (a national women’s music fraternity which sponsors a string competition, funded by an endowment, for 8-12 year old students) and for the Chagrin Valley Environmental Council (local recycling center). For fourteen years she has been president of the Great Geauga County Fair Band. Amanda writes that she continues to draw inspiration and strength from the text of a hymn in the 1941 Lutheran Hymnal, based on 1 Samuel 7:12: The Lord has helped me hitherto by his surpassing favor; H is mercies every morn were new, H is kindness did not waver. God hitherto hath been my Guide, hath pleasures hitherto supplied, and hitherto hath helped me. She has been active in the life of our diocese through her faithful participation in Winter Convocation, attendance at Annual Convention and many other events, including the expansive successes of DOK in Ohio and in the province.

Marilyn Tomiello holds a master’s degree in speech pathology and a certificate in health care administration from Case Western Reserve University. She enjoyed a very rewarding career in the field of rehabilitation for over thirty years. She held a variety of positions in all areas of healthcare, including the University of Arizona, outpatient, hospital, private practice and long-term and skilled nursing facilities. In addition, as vice president for a major rehabilitation company, she was responsible for services in 68 nursing homes in eight states. During her last thirteen years of employment, she consulted in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities throughout Ohio. She has been a member of Saint Martin’s since 1987, serving in many roles, including as a Sunday school teacher, Foyer Group organizer, co-chair of the fundraising auction, and a ChristCare leader. Presently she works part time in a family business run by her daughter and herself. She serves as secretary of the Manor Brook Condominium Association board of directors and still finds time to cook, bake, entertain, garden, and care for an eight-year-old Seal Point Siamese cat. She writes: “Since I have been a member of three different Episcopal churches over the past forty-four years, I was delighted when Fr. John asked me to consider serving on our vestry. Serving in this capacity is an exciting challenge — to be part of a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds (including our rector), charged with discerning what the parish is called to do and then having oversight of that work. I believe this is critical work in light of obstacles the church has faced, while at the same time rebuilding the congregation and maintaining the integrity of the present membership. I would make the most of my vestry experience, both for myself and our congregation. I pray that I have good insight and seek God’s guidance in this work.”

Todd Palmer is a lawyer who has been practicing for over 25 years, and is a partner at the Cleveland firm of Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP.  He received his Bachelor of Arts from Miami University, and his Juris Doctorate from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.  As a lawyer, Todd specializes in Labor & Employment Law, in which he represents and advises employers in a wide range of disputes with employees, unions, and government agencies. Todd is a cradle Episcopalian, and grew up attending Church of the Advent, Westlake, St. Thomas, Berea, and St. Peter’s, Lakewood.  He has been married to Toni for 20 years, and they have two children:  Paige and John.  When not pondering the challenges facing St. Martin’s, Todd enjoys cycling, golfing, and reading. Todd and Toni began attending St. Martin’s in 1998.  He served on Vestry from 2005-2008, and had the exquisite good fortune to be Senior Warden on July 13, 2007 — the night of our fire.  With the able assistance and hard work of the Vestry and other parishioners too numerous here to name, not to mention former rector Fr. Howard’s steadfast faith and fortitude, as a parish, we endured the many trials of that period, emerging with what is likely the finest, newest physical structure of any church in the Chagrin Valley. Yet a parish is far more than handsome brick and mortar, and Todd believes the parish now needs to rejuvenate its people.  To that end, he is willing to undertake renewed service on Vestry, so that may rebuild ourselves into a vibrant, thriving parish.

See also the Clergy and Staff page of this web site.

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