DSC_0220Acolytes serve at altar in services, carrying the processional cross and candles, as well as assisting with other aspects of ceremonial worship.

Our acolytes vest in albs and rope cinctures. Some of our older acolytes are licensed as chalicists and assist in administering the cup at the Lord’s table. Others do triple duty, also reading scripture in the services.

Youth interested in serving as acolytes can see the clergy to express interest. A modicum of training is required of novices. We are open to teaching at any time there is a need to welcome new members to the acolyte corps. Learning to serve at altar is as much an apprenticeship of experience as a by-the-book study. Most of us have learned on-the-job, under the guidance of the clergy and other acolytes.

See Emily Gielink or John Cerrato to inquire about serving as an acolyte.