imagesSaint Martin’s Church offers the rite of Holy Baptism to children of families of the parish and of parents looking for a church home. Baptisms are performed by the clergy in our services of Holy Eucharist (not privately) and take place in seasons appropriate to the ceremony. We tend to baptize in the seasons of Christmas and Epiphany (late December, January and February), Easter and in the season after Pentecost (May through November).

Christian baptism was administered by the apostles of Christ from the earliest times. It is a sacrament of initiation into the life of the church and a ritual of rebirth. It includes the use of water and oil, the latter sealing the commitment of the child to Christ. It is an identification with the meaning and message of Christ, a pledge to raise the child in the Christian faith.

Preparation for baptism includes meeting with the clergy in order to understand the meaning and practice of the rite.

To inquire about the baptism of a child or grandchild please see John Cerrato, or call the church office (440.247.7406).